Lingual Braces

Your smile is indeed an essential part of your personality. From making the perfect first impression, holding someone’s attention to winning hearts, a perfect set of teeth is all you need to turn yourself into a celebrity. Teeth alignment is an important aspect of a perfect smile. Contrary to popular belief, it is never too late to correct teeth alignment and adopt braces. While traditional braces offer a metallic, “Ugly Betty” smile, thanks to scientific advancement, Lingual braces promise a clean smile with the same benefits! Read on to know more about this amazing alternative many celebs and news presenters are increasingly adopting to get a clean, perfect and confident smile, even with their braces on!

Lingual Braces Specialist Hyderabad

Braces are used to help encourage teeth to grow straight. They apply continuous, gentle pressure to the teeth that makes them move gradually back into their proper position. So braces can help with gaps, crowding, rotated teeth and ‘bad bites’. Usually formed of metal brackets and arch wires that hold the brackets in place, braces can take 12 to 24 months to totally correct the position.

Lingual Braces Procedure

You’re never too old to look good! While most people believe if you haven’t corrected your teeth in childhood, you’ve missed your chance, it isn’t true. While more and more adults want the perfect smile, they also want to carry on with their normal lifestyle too. Invisible braces help you to do that.

Fitting braces to the back of your teeth may seem to be a tough, uncomfortable job. However, advances in dental technology have made the process very straightforward. It usually requires only two trips to the dentist. But sadly there are a relatively few dental surgeons equipped to do the procedure.

First Visit : Dentist takes impressions of your teeth using a plastic mould. This mould is sent to a laboratory where customized brackets for each tooth are made, set in wax and stored in plastic applicators, to keep them in shape. Second Visit : Dentist applies cement to the back of the teeth. Once the brackets are cemented in place, the plastic applicator is broken away. Finally, the arch wire is installed to provide the gentle tension that keeps pulling the teeth into place.

Since every patient is different, the process and corrections for some can be far more complex than other. In some cases, although rare, patients may need to get some teeth extracted so that other teeth can grow naturally. Your orthodontist may recommend you to wear headgear and/or elastics, just to apply some extra pressure in correcting the alignment. Your dentist will give you more details on any additional treatments proposed. Once the active phase of your treatment is over, a retaining brace, fixed or removable is also necessary. The duration may however vary. It is best to consult your dentist or orthodontist who’ll guide you best with complete knowledge on your case.

As mentioned above, it’s best to talk to your Orthodontist. Since there are relatively few dental practices equipped to provide Lingual Braces, you need to know all about the accessibility of treatment, timescale, cost, their effect on your lifestyle besides just the aesthetic benefits. The knowledge will help you take an informed decision.

Brushing teeth after every meal is important. A daily fluoride mouth rinse should also be used last thing at night to further protect the teeth. Besides taking care of what to eat is essential. If you are involved in sports, use a mouth guard. If your braces get broken, talk to your Orthodontist and get a new one fitted as soon as possible. This will save your teeth from damage and treatment will not be disrupted as well.

Compared to traditional braces, Lingual Braces are more expensive for a number of reasons. Development of customized brackets and their designing in CAD/CAM laboratory involve greater cost. While you may find estimates on the net, with the variables involved it is best to approach your Orthodontist for an exact and personalized estimate.