Laser Dentistry

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You wear your smile every day – ensure it is a ‘beautiful’ one. We, at Focus Dental Care, thus bring you a highly skilled and result driven panel of dental surgeons to serve all your dental needs right. Our wide array of dental procedures and laser dentistry not only endows you with the finest in care, but also assures the most effective yet natural method to make your smile shine better and brighter.

Based in Hyderabad, Focus Dental Care takes complete pride in delivering optimum dental and laser dentistry procedures with unprecedented strict standards. So whether you are looking for an ideal smile makeover or advanced one sitting root canals, we help you transform your smile into a truly beautiful one.

How to know that you have gum problem

  1. Bleeding from gums while brushing
  2. Swollen gums
  3. Bad breadth
  4. Often food getting stuck between teeth

If this is neglected, it leads to serious problems – where the bone supporting the tooth is lost slowly leading to mobile teeth and falling of teeth. Hence you need to consider Laser Dentistry which is a very affordable dentistry procedure.

Our technologically advanced yet affordable dentistry enhances your experience even further with an overwhelmingly friendly environment. We offer ultra-hygienic dentistry procedures to ensure complete client satisfaction. Since Focus Dental Care believes in perfect oral health status, we put extra emphasis on supreme dental aesthetics and unparalleled comfort.

After thouroughly analysing the case, if there is mild infection of gums a cleansing procedure is sufficient. However if there is severe infection of gums, Laser Flap Surgery / Blade Flap Surgery is required.

Laser Flap Surgery is more advanced, painless and bleeding less procedure. The healing is very fast and the patient can continue his normal activities.

  1. Painless
  2. Minimum Bleeding
  3. Faster Healing
  4. Greater Patient Confort
  5. High Sterilization
  6. Procedure performed by using soft-tissue laser may not require stitches
  7. Wounds heal faster
  8. Damage to surrounding tissue is minimized
  9. Affordable denstistry

We, being one of the most Affordable Dentistry services in India, get you the best dental care set in a luxurious and comfortable ambience. Our dental surgeons across all fields of dentistry provide you with a unique, intrinsic amalgamation of advanced dental operatory setups and utmost comfort – hence, evolving as the best dental treatment with a little investment of your time.

As leading edge laser dentistry technicians, Focus Dental Care understands your time and money by rendering the best dental treatments under one roof. Contact us now or book an Appointment online to get the best and most affordable dentistry procedures.