B.P.S. Dentures

It’s all about your smile and the way you feel natural. While dentistry procedures can contribute greatly to everyday oral requirements, you need to ensure that your BPS dentures feature high quality to help you feel positive about yourself. However, the prosthetic devices in BPS dentistry study the masticatory movements and sensitivity of your oral mucous membranes. Succinctly, supreme quality affordable dentures (at a very low total cost of dentures) can allow you to wear your prosthetic teeth for all day long with utmost convenience and ease of use – and of course, making your smile indeed the most natural thing in the world.

BIOFUNCTIONAL: One of the most fundamental elements to remember in your BPS denture care as bio-functionality plays a major role in reproducing the functions of your natural teeth during mastication. In fact, it plays an equally significant role when it comes to speaking with your dentures on. Over all you need not worry about high cost of dentures (affordable dentures) anymore.

PROSTEHTIC: BPS dentures helps develop and strengthen the overall fabrication of quality and affordable dentures (cost of dentures). However, dental technicians who are officially stated and certified are only authorized to make BPS dentures but after a detailed analysis of a patient’s respective situation.

SYSTEM: BPS dentures are made of especially coordinated materials. Mutual and tremendous cooperation between your BPS certified dental technician and clinician further makes it possible to develop such affordable dentures(cost of dentures) after executing a detailed examination of your personal data and dentistry requirements.

BPS Dentures in Hyderabad BPS Dentures in Hyderabad


Although not overtly obligatory, but individualization of your BPS dentures could also be made possible. In this process, cost of dentures (affordable dentures) is highly reduced and the optical structure or tooth shade of your natural teeth is basically reproduced in your BPS dentures. This not just makes your dentures white and regular, but also endows you with a true-to-nature feel.

Apart from which, the aesthetic appearance of your dentures will be devised especially for you by the virtue of an inclusive shade analyses. Although conventional dentures are detachable, your clinician can help you settle upon the most appropriate denture designs for your teeth and jaw line.

Patients who undergo BPS denture procedures will bear very low cost of dentures (affordable dentures) and receive a Patient Identification Card – which they can benefit from and present if treatment in a foreign country is required. At the same time, the Recall Card and the entire list of the equipments and tools used in your traceability affordable dentures treatment will help determine the best possible treatment for you.

The patients will also be provided with a brochure including complete information on the proper cleaning and care procedures for your affordable dentures.

  1. BPS Patient Identification Card – To give you a quick insight into your comprehensive data.
  2. BPS Denture Box – To help you keep your dentures clean when they are not using them.
  3. BPS Denture Care Guide – To help you take care of your dentures for as long as possible.
  4. BPS Recording – To help you analyze your oral situation and get the most optimum dentures for your teeth.
  5. BPS Quality – To help you realize that your dentures are made of utmost high quality and unprecedentedly supreme components to experience the best-ever dentures with a natural feel.

BPS Dentures

Partial Dentures: These types of dentures are detachable and are generally adhered to the natural teeth with the help of clasps. Partial dentures are employed to minimize the existing gaps or widening of an individual’s teeth but by the virtue of artificial teeth and gingiva-colored resin.

Partial Dentures

Combination Dentures: These types of dentures are basically a combination of fixed and removable dentures. However, the detachable dentures are united with fixed crowns, bridges, or teeth by means of clasps, studs or attachments.

Combination Dentures

Over Denture: Following the procedure of root canal treatments, posts are cemented into the tooth. They are then utilized and positioned as anchors for the detachable dentures.

Over Denture

Removable Implant Dentures: These types of dentistry dentures are believed to be of particularly high standard. Hence, removable implant dentures are infused into the jaw bone – enabling the dentures to remain held in place. Patients who undergo removable implant dentures are believed to be more comfortable and at ease due to the embedded masticatory stability of the dentistry equipment.

Removable Implant Dentures

Complete Dentures: Last but not the least, these types of dentures hold prime importance when it comes to fabricating the impress by the dentists. Since the dentures are placed on the gingiva, precise and accurate impressions help achieve an excellent fit of the dentures. However for complete dentures, the entire dentition is reconstructed using artificial teeth and gingiva-colored resin.

Dr. Ajay is the first B.P.S. Prosthodontist in Hyderabad. He specializes in Implantology, B.P.S. Dentures, Smile Makeover & Full-Mouth Rehabilitation. He underwent B.P.S. Denture training from ICDE, Schaan, Liechtenstein, Germany. He is also mentor for one of the leading Implant System.

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