Fixed Teeth In 3 Days

Fixed Teeth in 3 days™

This tecnique is developed by Dr. Ajay for patients with missing teeth or people with severely debilitated dentition. Focus Dental Care Implant department is headed by Dr. Ajay an accomplished and respected dentist.
Our center is carefully planned and designed to give you superior dental care in a relaxing, warm environment.

Dr. Ajay will restore back your lost smile with Immediate Dental Implant solution available for single and multiple missing teeth.


Dr. Ajay’s Fixed Teeth in 3 DaysTM Concept

  • Conventional Implant Treatment requires a duration of 3-4 months with multiple sittings during which the patient will be without teeth or a temporary prosthesis will be given to the patient.
  • With the immediate implant technique done by Dr. Ajay, patients will be getting a permanent teeth i.e. (a fixed bridge) immediately within 5 days period and these implants come with lifetime warranty.
  • Latest published international journals have given a success rate of 97.3% in controlled diabetic patients.
  • Nobel Biocare active implants can also be done in smokers and diabetic patients with the same success rate.
  • All the statistics are based on real facts and studies done over a period of 30 years.

Focus Dental Care is now offering a no obligation dental implant consultation to ensure you are presented with the best options for your dental health needs.

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