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What is an Implant? Make of an Implant??
The tooth implant is a little titanium fixture that is surgically placed into the jawbone to hold a dental prosthesis (replacement tooth, bridge or denture) in place. It replaces the root of a missing tooth and provides an anchor for the dental prosthesis. The choice of a tooth implant depends on the amount of bone available, the patient’s health and their restoration preference. Dental implants look and feel like a real tooth. Concurrently, dental implants are right solution to support a number of dental prostheses like dentures, crowns, or implant-supported bridges.

Advantages of Dental Implants:

Implant Dentistry Team:
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Different Implant Techniques

Why Choose FDC:
Our world class dental center with in-house surgical center allows us to provided dental implant options at reasonable price compared to most of the Implant centers.
Focus Dental Care (International Center) has dedicated individual rooms to provided hygienic and predictable results and our tie up with state of art labs provide high quality denture services including permanent implant ( Single piece implant).

Implant Occlusion

Shortened Dental Arch Concept:
A Prosthodontist will know the concept of occlusion. Studies done by bone scientist show full mouth implants should always follow a shortened dental arch concept, which is done by Dr. Ajay.
A Proper Occlusion: Is the only key to longevity/success of the implants and the artificial prosthesis.
Occlusion should be checked properly by a Prosthodontist who studies exclusively on implant occlusion at the post graduation level.
A Prosthodontist is the master of occlusion principles.
Dr. Ajay follows the balanced occlusion concept thereby the biting loads are distributed evenly on the entire prosthesis without effecting individual components.